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I actually modified my list to add "weight" as the first option. I posted it without re-reading my order of items. This is more accurate. Blood type is important but, from an emergency standpoint, blood type carried is O- so your type is irrelevant until a little down the road. From a Paramedic's standpoint, my list is the most critical of the information I am looking for. Again, blood type is important but it doesn't make my list or the flight crew's list. The hospital can assess the info when you get there but, despite what your card says, they legally have to check your type anyways before they administer blood.

As far as medical history, yes; I need to know if you have any cardiac problems, Diabetes, HTN, CAD, cancer, seizures or anything pertinent. Yes, any behavioral history is also important, including depression, schizophrenia, or just plain bat shit crazy.

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