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Originally Posted by TheRedSlayer43 View Post
towards the end, it was just getting off the bike and being done with the ride. I meet up with someone at the end of the second day, trying to tempt me into popping a wheelie. To which I just shook my head, tail bag on the bike, WAY TO MANY MILES gone past, and I was not about to put fate into the hands of some place I didn't know as beat as I was. That might be part of the reason that I bought a cruiser, so when it comes to putting miles down, I can do it in style now...

not and exact map of the route that I took, but most of the stops I slightly remember being at... I did run outta gas at one point, which could have been real shitty, but it was just a quick push to the pump that I costed up to.
Yeah I bet. I completely agree with your decision too, there's no way in hell I'd be trying wheelies after so many miles haha. I can definitely see myself getting a cruiser down the line so I can enjoy those long trips in greater comfort!

That's a nice route by the way! I'd imagine seeing your gas gauge going all the way down to empty was pretty nerve-wracking. Lucky that you were so close to the pump! I made sure to look out for gas stations once I got down to a quarter tank, so I would never be in a position of cutting it too close, although in the end there was never a stretch of road that had wildly long distances between gas stations.

I didn't even think to post my route, so here it is for the most part. I made a few detours that I couldn't fit in one map, but this was the main course I took:

Once I got home I actually ordered a map of the US that shows the major roadways so that I could trace out my route with sharpie and plot my major destinations with pins. I plan to add future trips as well so I can have a physical representation of where I've gone on the Daytona!
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