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Originally Posted by TheRedSlayer43 View Post
That was a great write up of an amazing trip. It's almost sad that you didn't get the ride back, but I can not say that I blame you. Your story reminds me of when I tried to make it from Sturgis to Tacoma in two days. (That was about 1485 on an 06 Daytona...) Unlike yourself i didn't plan it at all, and after one day of high country highway miles, I couldn't take it and had to find something with some turns in there. If you make it back out to Colorado there's many roads that you missed taking the 80 over to SLC that you would love to ride on now that the weather has melted 'most' of the snow and we're still locked down.
Thanks! Yeah I was heavily considering doing the ride back, but I was feeling somewhat burnt out on long days in the saddle and wanted to be home after a couple months away. And wow 1485 miles is no joke! I don't think I could do that in two days honestly. My 600 mile day was more than enough.

For sure! Colorado was beautiful, and I'd love to make a trip out there again sometime in the warmer months to check out some of the mountain roads. I bet it would be tons of fun!
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