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beau 10-09-19 16:15

07 D675 miscellaneous parts
I’ve got a few parts I’m looking to purchase for a 07 Daytona 675. I’m looking for the following OEM parts in good condition:

-right footrest (driver not passenger)
-graphite front fairing
-graphite tail fairing
-potentially graphite side fairings
-lens that covers headlights
-right mirror (oem)
-frame slider puck
-bar end bolt
-pillion or aftermarket cowl in graphite

Thanks for taking a look! Had a silly tip and looking to replace some rashed parts.

island boyeee 10-10-19 05:50

Where are you located? Pretty sure I have a spare headlight lens. But have you tried separating it from the housing yet? Itís near impossible. Iíve done a few.

beau 10-10-19 10:33

I haven’t tried removing the lens yet, and advice/instruction would be very helpful. I’m located in Louisiana - 70816 zip.

If you have a lens to spare, please PM a price and picture and we can figure something out. Thank you!

beau 10-12-19 10:33

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Also looking for a passenger foot peg assy bolt and nut. Found my first totally stripped bolt/nut!

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