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AYoDread 04-05-19 21:03

1st & 2nd Gen Daytona 675 Go Fast Mods
*I searched this site and 3 other 675 sites and I am not finding what I am looking for.*

I'm looking to get my bike dyno tuned soon, and I don't want to get it tuned find another mod online and buy it, get it tuned, then buy another mod etc. So I am asking what are all possible Bolt on engine performance mods for the 1st & 2nd Gen Daytona's not including camshafts.

I know I won't get any real power out of this bike until I tear into the motor.... But we are not there yet.

Bolt On's List
Full Exhaust
SAI Block off
Evap Canister Removed
Aftermarket Air filter
Intake runner (is it worth it)
Velocity Stacks ( worth it?)

Shamrock 04-05-19 22:35

Yes, Velocity stacks are absolutely worth it.

egeek 09-29-19 16:12

Velocity stacks are worth it after you have replaced the stock air filter, installed a full exhaust system, AND have a good map loaded. From my personal experience, the stacks by themselves so very little.

FWIW, I'm running an arrow full race titanium system, Sprint air filter and my stacks are 2 short and 1 original length (mines a 2007). Basically cylinder 3 has a shorter exhaust downpipe in my case, so I balance it off by using the 09-12 model stacks, which are shorter, for cylinders 1 and 2. Hope that helps!

DayT675 10-09-19 07:30

Sorry for noob question, what is a velocity stack?

Shamrock 10-10-19 19:33

TheBeerHunter 11-14-19 10:45

Thats about it for bolt ons unless you want to run exotic fuels like MR12 or U4.4. Could add a slipper clutch to that list aswell. It wont increase power but helps significantly on track.
Edit: you could have your cams degreed too.

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