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_.Andypants 09-19-20 23:08

Error Code P1698
Ok buckle up because this one is a doozy. Last week I started doing the 12k mile service on my 2013 Street Triple R. I did my steering head bearings and fork oil without any major problems. Took a few days off and then jumped into checking my valves. I get everything off without too many problems and it turns out all my exhaust valves are tight. So I go in for the night and after work the following day I pull my cam bracket thing off and remove measure and purchase new shims. I get the cams put back in and lined up correctly. Throw the bracket thing back on, torque it to spec and put on my new manual cam chain tensioner. I look up the directions on their website and they say to tighten it until it makes contact with the cam chain and then back it off a quarter of a turn. So I do exactly that. I manually crank the bike and on my third crank I hear a pop. The intake cam skipped a tooth. So I take the cams back out, realize I am not set at tdc on the dot and smack myself in the face. I figure out when the first cylinder is at tdc, line up the dot and put the cams back in. I call it a night and proceed the next day. I realize I could have put cylinder 1 at tdc on either the exhaust or the compression stroke. I google a bunch about what would happen if I set the cams on the exhaust stroke and came to the conclusion that because I was setting the valve timing I should be ok. I get most everything put back together except for the airbox because I would have to sink my throttle bodies next. Check that everything is connected right. Cross my fingers and hit the starter. It turns on, I hear some ticking and then it dies. I grab my laptop and dealer tool and check for codes as there is a check engine light on and I get : P1698 Sensor 5v supply, circuit malfunction. I do some googling and realize that code could be the air sensor thing, r/r or ecu. Am I screwed?

bert682 09-20-20 06:21

Had a similar issue on mine and found the same description of errors. I actually had an error related to the ambient sensor too but turned out both issues were related to a battery on the way out.

Same for me too with the lights and fuel prime.

Interesting was all the voltage at off, idle and running were good on the battery.

I'd get a replacement battery in first before you start trying to find grounding at all the sensors [emoji3]

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dguti 11-05-20 12:52

I had the same error on my 2013 Daytona 675. I took apart all of the wiring loom thinking that some wire was shorted. Even checked the pins on the ECU and sensors found nothing wrong. Although iam not 100 % sure, I also think its the battery since iv been keeping my battery on a charger and it hasn't thrown this code. I suspect it throws the code when the voltage is low on the battery

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