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warpedreality 08-05-07 14:07

If I may again.. Changing your speed/distance from MPH/Miles to KMPH/KMs

Here's somethign I found: (thx Nightowl :2tu..)

I tried it and there's a couple of changes..

1. Turn Ignition ON
2. Hold all 3 Scroll/Set/Trip buttons down together
3. The speedometer starts blinking with a number (your current setting)
4. Hit the Scroll button till you see '1' blinking in the speedometer (My default blinking was 2 which I think is mph.. not sure what 0 and 3 are for)
5. Hit the Set button
6. Enjoy your speed in KMPH

I'll be adding this to the Maintenance and Repair sticky..

But thanks a lot Nightowl .. anyone see her/him around recently??

tags: mph to kmph, kmph to mph, mph to kph, kph to mph

see? I don't just post-whore 8)

tripletrash 08-21-07 14:36

can someone post section 9

warpedreality 08-21-07 14:49


Originally Posted by tripletrash
can someone post section 9

You mean the owner's manual? :?

tripletrash 08-21-07 18:18

no in the torque values it says see section 9. I assume its from the shop manual. thanks tho

MageE68 08-22-07 22:22

+1 ... need the torque values for the parts that say "See section 9"

Also, is the top nut torque 90Nm (66ft/lbs) as per the posted exploded diagram from the service manual in this post:

or is the torque 40Nm (29.5ft/lbs) as per the posted torque chart from the service in this here thread/post. (and also in the Excel spreadsheet that someone has made from the same chart ).

The spark plug torque need updating in the spreadsheet also. It says 21Nm, and I saw where its supposed to be 12Nm.

MageE68 09-28-07 12:50

I checked with a Triumph service manager on the top nut torque. Just as on the Daytona 600/650, and in the D675's exploded diagram, its supposed to be 90Nm.

I think the 90/40 mistake and the 21/12 (spark plug) mistake can be explained as someone at Triumph typing-in from hand written notes into a (spreadsheet) document. A sloppily hand written 9 may look like a 4, and the other error, a typo transposing 21 and 12. Proofreading should have caught this though.

Has anyone notified Triumph about the these errors in the service manual?

FreakyPenguin 05-10-08 11:30

Sorry for the N00b question, but I'm not used to chain maintenance. Can someone post a how-to lube the the chain? ... ie, what kind of lube, when (every 200miles??), and how to actually do it? The manual wasn't very helpful. :eek:

Thanks in advance! As I'm coming up on the 200 mile mark...

jhouck 05-30-08 20:04

Any Advice?
Hey I've been riding for about 7 weeks. I have a 2008 Daytona 675 Special Edition. Recently, as in only a few days ago...I was hit by a car on the parkway..the bike is running and it appears to be only bodywork damage. This is a description of the damage until I get pictures of it up.....

Left Rearset is gone
The Left side of the Gas Tank is ground down
The Front Fairing on the left side is now white
The Piece that connects out from the Tach is broken

.....any advice would be helpful on where to get decently priced parts and if your in NY than give me a good mech, since I'm in no condition to do any of the work on it myself

scott_0 07-08-08 23:18

great info! what a huge help. thanks!!!!

roffe_s 07-09-08 06:12

I believe this is a good help for people removing their engine fairings: . I used it removing all fairings for some paint and mounting a slipper clutch. The generator fairing is the one that might cause some trouble as the magnetic field demands some force when removing it.

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