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spartan 10-25-10 07:05

Triumph Triple Challenge 2011
Dear all

I am going to try to keep you all updated on what is happening next season on this thread. As you'll appreciate we are in rounds of meetings and talks to try to pin this down. So what I write here will be true to the best of my knowledge at the time I write it but may change when we get to contracts. So if you agree to that proviso then read on. If you don't then this thread is not for you.

First things first. According to paddock gossip we are not racing in 2011. This was news to Tony and I. We are racing in 2011.

The next item is cost. We hold true to our original plan of providing good quality racing as cost effectively as we can. So in 2011 we will do 8 or 9 rounds (we want it to be 9) and we plan the price to be 15 999 (or about 11000 if you bring a conforming bike). Note this is a VAT inclusive price is based on VAT at 17.5%. Same deal as previous years. We take care of tyres, entry fees etc. We provide parts on an as required basis.

Some really exciting news is that Triumph are getting behind us in a much more significant way. Moreover one of the deliverables that Triumph have tasked T3 Racing with is to find the next British World Champion. To that end we will have a Superstock and Supersport team. In 2011 Jimmy Dye rides Superstock and John Simpson rides Supersport. Next year the winner of The Championsip will be riding Superstock or Supersport depending on their age.

In terms of interest in The Championship we have (the last time I looked which was Saturday) 29 people requesting contracts/information on The Championship. The 29 includes only one that raced this year. 8 of these have actually put down their deposit.This is unusual but this is because signing a contract before 31st December means that we charge VAT at 17.5% and not 20% which it will be on 1st Jan. As you know we will limit the numbers to the maximum we are allowed on one grid.

So far we have done test runs for 8 people and we have requests for more.

Paddock presence is going to be stepped up again in 2011. We will have a structure which will take all the bikes. There will also be a seperate working area for major repairs. In addition to this we will have a truck trailer and awnings very similar to the ones this year. This will mean that you will not need to bring your own awnings.

As the plan evolves I'll post up here.

swaffs 10-26-10 15:04

Thanks for the update Paul.

spartan 11-04-10 03:48

Tony and I met with MSVR and Triumph yesterday. The meeting went very well indeed.

Both MSVR and Triumph were clear that The TTC must be a cost effective, fair and high quality competition in the BSB paddock whose responsibility is to feed riders through to National Superstock or Supersport. It should provide a supported ride to the mostly highly placed riders in the series who are eligible for National Superstock and Supersport.

The plans put forward for The Triumph Village are acceptable to all. These are to include accomodation for all TTC bikes, accomodation for the T3 Racing Superstock Team, accomodation for the T3 Racing Supersport Team, tyre changing area, an area for major bike repairs, and area for hospitality and a commercial area for Triumph and other sponsors.

The series will be 9 rounds of a similar format to last year. However there is the possibility that one of the rounds will be extra special (need the ink to dry before I say it out loud).

All the rounds will be televised but we wait to see how many live and how many recorded.

At the last count (which was at the weekend) we had 36 applications for information for the TTC (to be clear an application isn't a place taken). This is extremely encouraging given that we haven't been able to formally launch the series yet. This will happen at The NEC Show. Applications seem to be from many different backgrounds. Some from last years paddock, some from the GP125 paddock, some from club stock classes, some from National Superstock paddock.

spartan 11-06-10 05:06

We seem to have had a little surge of interest over the last week. We are now up to 46 applications now.

marcus50 11-11-10 11:54

Hi Paul

Any idea of dates. Knockhill isn't one of the rounds, is it?


Arold 11-11-10 17:11

Knockhill would be one place worth missing out, fingers crossed.

spartan 11-12-10 02:39

Hi Dave

No we don't have the dates yet. Everything is provisional at the moment so even if I gave you the provisional dates the chances are they will change.

Regarding Knockhill. As you can imagine we have made the case that The Series is predicated on value for money. Having to take a further two days off work to attend this round is contrary to this.

We'll have to wait and see.

spartan 11-13-10 06:20

Just been to the applications spreadsheet and we are up to 56 applications for information packs now. Applications aren't signed contracts but we have never had this much interest at this point in the year for previous seasons.

Arold 11-16-10 07:34

How many competitors will you sign before turning people away?

spartan 11-16-10 08:00

That number will be determined by the number of bikes allowed on the smallest track we go to. We believe that this number is 36 or 38.

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