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scuncknuts 08-25-19 12:51

wont idle and OEM tune
I just replaced the stator and the crank position sensor, I tried to start it today and it cranks and wants to start but will only run if I hold the throttle at 1/4 throttle.

I want to download the stock OEM tune with tune ECU does anyone have that for the 2012 675r.

Thanks in advance I have found a few tunes that are called OEM but I am not surre

scuncknuts 08-25-19 12:52

the only codes are intake flapper valve and secondary air injection which are gone anyways

Stephen Pilsworth 08-25-19 16:09

Is your idle stepper motor working correctly?

Have had loads of idle issues and could say I've become an expert at solving them [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

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scuncknuts 08-26-19 18:09

I plugged into tune ECU and ran the idle test. The idle motor did actuate but when I hit the button to start the motor does not actuate.

Should the idle motor actuate when you are starting the bike?

Stephen Pilsworth 08-26-19 23:59

It should move into position yes. Though hearing it make the fax type noise is one thing, lift the tank and just check it actually moves too.

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scuncknuts 08-29-19 17:47

Man I am done with this. It seems like it moves but for some reason it will not start without a little throttle. I have had so many problems with this bike. All of the vaccume hoses look good but also I have removed the evap canister recently and maybe that is the problem

so far.
R/R toasted
exhaust flapper cable broke
MAP sensor 2x
CPS and stator

scuncknuts 08-31-19 20:05

I adjusted the TPS and got good values at 61 and 71 and guess what it did not work hahahahahah.

I tried setting the idle speed at 2000 across all temperature ranges and no it would not even idle at that speed I had to hold the throttle with my hand at like 1750 for it to stay running.

I am so sick of this bike in total to replace the CPS and now a month of trying to fix this idle problem it has been sitting in my garage for 5 months. I want a bike that I can actually ride and not just work on all the time.

scuncknuts 08-31-19 22:00

The idle stepper motor is doing its job. I can watch it move up and down durring startup. The problem is the TPS wont tell the fuel injectors to spray fuel below 1800 RPM or maybe I'm not getting spark below 1800 RPM.

Either way I can't understand why everything looks like it should run but it will not idle. Can someone recommend me a set of carburetors for the 675

scuncknuts 09-13-19 18:04

Ok so left it on the trickle charger while I wait for an idle speed adjuster to come from australia and today I pushed the start button just for fun and it makes a high pitched squeel and no fire at all. this bike can not stop having problems.

I had a yz 125 the ran with half the reed block ingested into the engine
I had a ktm 300sx that ran with no bolts holding the stater on
and this 675 will not run to save my life

one problem after another.

I do not believe that it will ever run; one problem after another

honestly, don't ban me please but I will never buy triumph again.

I never had so many problems with jap bikes

scuncknuts 09-13-19 19:53

So i just smoked the engine. I sprayed some throttle body cleaner to clean my butter flies and then went to start it. Bad backfire and metal flakes on the spark plug

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