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RidersDiscount 02-14-20 11:49

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Fesk MC-5SF Helmet
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HJCís top street-going helmet, the RPHA 11 Pro gives you everything you need for a safe, comfortable ride wherever you go. This helmet was engineered from the cheekpads up to be a premier lid worthy of use on some of the worldís fastest riders.
A reinforced carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fiber shell provides the shape of the helmet in which your head is protected from all angles. Itís light, strong and designed to disperse impact energy over larger area so less energy is transferred to the user. Directly below this is an ergonomically-shaped EPS liner thatís covered on the riderís side by a fully-removable Multicool interior liner. This liner is treated in a way that does two things; first, it pulls moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. Secondly, you have to deal with all of that moisture somehow, and you donít want it to be a nice home for bacteria to grow. To look after the smell that comes with bacteria, the liner is treated with a material that prevents microbes from stinking up the liner.
Outside of the helmet, youíll find one of the easiest visor changing mechanisms weíve ever encountered. It takes literally five seconds to change shields. If you can ride bikes, you can change this shield, easily. At the front of shield, thereís a push button tab that locks the visor down securely at all speeds. It allows you to easily crack the visor as well, for a little extra cooling capacity when you need. And best of all, every helmet ships with both, a clear visor and a smoke shield in the box. Thereís no need to add that item to your order!
Outside of the shell, HJC engineers fitted a range of intakes and exhaust ports to move air over the skull while you ride. Check and forward-facing intakes can all be adjusted easily with a gloved hand. And for the cool-weather rider, a removable chin skirt is also included with the RPHA 11 Pro helmet. Itís a really nice touch that allows you to stay comfortable in a wide range of riding conditions.
Available in a range of sizes, give TJ a call for exceptional sizing guidance and lightning fast shipping. 866.931.644 is the number. You can also send a note to [email protected] with RD HJC RPHA 11 Pro Fesk MC-5SF Helmet in the subject line or PM us right here so we can get you dialed in.

RidersDiscount 02-27-20 12:35

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RidersDiscount 04-08-20 14:27

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The air intake and exhaust on the RPHA-11 does a great job of keeping your head cool and dry.

johnkoch 04-21-20 23:52

Dope I want that helmet

RidersDiscount 04-22-20 09:47

Definitely a sharp looking lid.

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