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Sarchi 11-17-05 15:43

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. This thread is for a written intro, you can also post a pic of you/your current bike in this thread, you/your 675 in this thread, and to add yourself to the owners' map, see this thread. You can also make use of our Photo Gallery, see the link in the upper right on any of the forum screens.

Well, my name's Noam (aka Sarchi on the mc boards). I'm 40 and live in Hamilton (er.. that's Canada.. not Bermuda, darn), with my wife and two of my three kids. I started riding two years ago on an '86 Ninja 1000R, I sold it this year and bought a new FZ6. I've put 22,000 kms on the two bikes - no problems so far, knock on wood.

Well - had I known the 675 was coming out, I might have waited on a new bike....... but, to be honest, a bike with more relaxed ergos suits me well, and I love the FZ. So I'm gonna bide my time and also hope Triumph will bring out a baby Speed Trip, or Tiger, or ST... based on the 675. Obviously I love the Daytona but I'm not sure it'd make a good "only bike" for me. Besides that, my SO doesn't wanna hear about new bikes for awhile!

So why did I start this site? Good question.. I don't really know! It was just an impulse really. I do think the 675 will be "all the rage" in the next couple years and I guess I thought it'd be fun to start a web site for it.

Happy and safe riding to everyone--

dnlwthrn 11-18-05 15:48

Hi, I'm Dan, and I have a problem...

Oh, wait, wrong place. I live in the Chicago 'burbs with wife, 3 kids and a 2003 Sprint ST. I am in no way able to even think about a new bike, but if I EVER get to that point, I will be looking hard at the 675. I LOVE the triple!

Sarchi 11-18-05 21:22

Welcome Dan! Another midwest flatlander. How far to the good roads for you? For us it's a good 3 hrs to get to fun country.

Will 11-19-05 21:08

I am an escaped flatlander now living in the Great North Wet. I suppose there are better places to ride, but I can't think of many. Raingear make it perfect! I have a deposit down on a 675 now. I ride a 2000 TT600 nearly every day, and had a 2001, but blew it up during a track day. So, there you have it! I am looking forward to seeing this site get off the ground!

ClearwaterBMW 11-21-05 17:22

Hello, i'm greg savel
I live in clearwater, fl.... on the west coast
1.5 hours from any decent road, but i can ride 12 months a year
i have been riding for 20 years... over 100,000 miles
i have had several bikes in the past. currently i ride:
'02 BMW K1200LT

'05 BMW R1200GS
and am #47 on the priority registration list for the 675 (scorched yellow for me)

i am SO thrilled that this place has been created. i know the bike is still at least 3 months away.... but it will be nice to "wait" together.

thanks again


dnlwthrn 11-22-05 14:44


Originally Posted by Sarchi
Welcome Dan! Another midwest flatlander. How far to the good roads for you? For us it's a good 3 hrs to get to fun country.

It all depends on which good roads you're talking about. We've got some fun stuff hidden in SW Wisconsin, but its nothing compared to the mountains...
So 2-3hrs to that, or 12+ to get to some real twisties (Appalachians are closest).

Sarchi 11-25-05 02:04

Hey Dan,
have you been to north-central PA? The roads in Allegheny Nat'l Forest are amazing! PA 144 is just incredible (for about 70 miles), but there are many other roads in that area, roughly triangulated by Wellsboro, State College and Saint Marys. No cops, no trucks, very little traffic. Well maintained roads for the most part.

Anyway.. thought I'd mention it cause I think that's a bit closer to you than the Appalachians proper (?). Slab it east through Detroit/Cleveland and you're there. 6-7 hrs maybe??? :o


Tazzers 11-28-05 03:46

Hello. I'm Phil and I have been an alcoholic for...............oh sorry.

Phil here from the UK Midlands. Married, 2 kids, mortgage, everything. I live a few short miles from what I think are the best biking roads in the world (Shropshire and Wales) but I have been four-wheel-bound for a while as the bike has been buried in the garage whilst the house was being renovated. Should have it back out in time for Christmas. Hurray!

Phil :)

Sarchi 11-28-05 09:45

Welcome to the board Phil. (lucky bugger)

Tazzers 11-28-05 13:29


Originally Posted by Sarchi
Welcome to the board Phil. (lucky bugger)

Why lucky boss? The roads or the bikes?

Phil :)

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