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Bmore 01-23-20 12:29

Weird Noises!
Just as the season was ending last year, the bike starting making a terrible noise. I'm finally around to taking it apart, but I'd like any input from you guys.

hopefully, the problem will be obvious as i take it apart. i'm hoping someone's heard this before and knows what it is.

it's an 07 d675

Razgreeze 01-23-20 12:59

I wonder if the starter gear keeps engaging. Does pulling in the clutch change the noise?

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Bmore 01-23-20 13:31

i think that it did change the noise slightly... i also noticed that the clutch lever slack disappeared all of a sudden...

Razgreeze 01-23-20 13:37

I suspect that it is the clutch. Layman's guess here but I wonder if a spring broke or something. You can make a "mechanics stethoscope" by putting a screwdriver handle in your ear and putting the tip In various areas on the outside of the motor and it will conduct sound much more precisely.

Hopefully it is the clutch, at least that is a reasonable repair and easy to get to.

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Bmore 01-23-20 13:40

yes hoping so.... in the 20k+ miles i've had it, i haven't needed to change the clutch so maybe it's finally due

thanks for the input

keeena 01-23-20 14:22

Hard to tell from the audio. But if your clutch lever is behaving differently: worth having a look.

I mostly came by to tell you that the clutch cover is obnoxious to re-install on these bikes. Pay close attention to the angle you have to tilt it to clear the frame. There's probably some posts on this site with more tips.

Bmore 01-23-20 14:49

was wondering,

there are no good aftermarket clutch kits for these bikes, right?

EBC sells just the friction plates.... so is everyone buying original Triumph clutch parts for clutch jobs?

TTRIgnitionSystems 01-23-20 15:10

On the old FZRs, a suddenly noisy & heavy clutch was an indicator that the push rod had snapped. This was generally caused by insufficient free play in the cable, resulting in the throwout bearing welding itself to the push rod.

I realise these machines use a rather different mechanism, but the failure mode would be the same. The cure is also the same - tear the clutch down, and inspect the throwout mechanism.

keeena 01-24-20 08:56


Originally Posted by Bmore (Post 1869634543)
... so is everyone buying original Triumph clutch parts for clutch jobs?

Yep, I used OEM when I did mine this past spring. Never had a problem w/ OEM clutch bits (generally).

Bmore 01-24-20 12:02

so 37k+ miles total... i assume this wear on the basket is normal.... right? maybe the grooves are a little too deep? would it be causing the noise?

clutch plates look very good, no bluing or warping.

i also took off the valve cover to eventually check clearances. nothing unusual up top so far

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