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RidersDiscount 01-17-20 14:28

MRA Windscreens
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A pioneer in the racing windscreen category, MRA isnít a name that you hear all that often when the subject of race glass comes up. (Pictures of a ZX10R windscreen)
No less, the German manufacturer has been in the business almost forty years, achieving great success in racing disciplines, as well as various other aftermarket motorcycle parts categories. If youíve ever noticed the black, rasterized dot matrix graphic between the solid black and clear portions of your windscreen, MRA can claim to be the originator of that.
Each windscreen is manufactured to be optically correct so as not to distort your view of the road ahead when at speed. The work was deemed good enough for use on Johnny Reaís 2011 ZX-10R.

We ship each windscreen in a secure, foam-backed protective package and includes length of hose that can be used to wrap the rider-facing edge of the windscreen to reduce scratches on your helmet.

Available in clear, smoked or black, get yours by calling TJ on 866.931.6644, send us a PM here or email [email protected] and weíll get back to you right away.

DvSkD4 01-18-20 07:45

I have MRA on my 2013 S1000RR and love it, way better quality than other aftermarket brands. Definitely interested if one is available for my new to me 2012 675R.

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RidersDiscount 01-20-20 09:06

Right now we only have them for the 2013+ 675.

cdenley 01-20-20 14:58

acrylic or polycarbonate?

RidersDiscount 01-20-20 15:37

MRA shows that their screens are a PMMA acrylic.

pjfa 01-23-20 19:07

RidersDiscount 01-24-20 11:07

Looking good

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