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Jstu202 02-11-13 14:08

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You heard it right, adding a new Moderator to the forum. Everyone please welcome Godly to our Moderator list. So remember, he can now mess with you all he likes. :grin:


jwalters202 02-11-13 14:18

Re: New Moderator - Godly
Awesome Godly Congrats

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bmw4422 02-11-13 14:23

Oh godly!


wuzertheloser 02-11-13 14:46

congrats! more admins to make ridiculous requests to :whistle:

jk jk :)

Godly 02-11-13 15:31

Thanks for the welcome to the team John! Looking forward to helping out around here! I'm available pretty much all day everyday guys so feel free to message me!

Disrupt 02-11-13 15:37

Congrats! Makes sense cause he is always on here lol.

Godly 02-11-13 15:49

Thanks for the congrats everybody!

brayk1990 02-11-13 15:52

New Moderator - Godly
Congratulations Godly!

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Godly 02-11-13 16:39


Originally Posted by brayk1990 (Post 909803)
Congratulations Godly!

Thanks! :thumbup:

Marcismo55 02-11-13 17:21

Congrats on the new Moderhater position :biggrinjester:

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