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Ianr 08-28-19 21:23

07 Daytona Fuel pump relay not triggering.
Hey there,

I have just completed the valve shim service and the bike now is not getting 12v to the fuel pump.

Its a 07 daytona with the fuel pump relay wiring sub loom.

The bike starts and runs when I bridge the 12v constant with the white purple (which goes direct to the pump) at the relay plug.

I have continuity from the pin 29 at the ecu and the black purple at the white plug from the ecu.

So effectively I am missing the signal from the ecu to trigger the relay to provide power with the switch of the key on.

Any clues please!

Also on the relay sub loom do the little black and little white plugs clip into each other or something else that I have forgotten about? (I read something mentioning the SAI plugs but this doesnt seem right or possible).

Thank you very much as I am at a dead end.:frown2:

Ianr 08-31-19 05:11

...the small plugs on the relay subloom connect to the sai plugs up under the airbox.

Triple_Sins 10-15-19 23:49

I know this may sound stupid, but check your Tip over sensor. A lot of times when we take our bikes apart, we forget that little sensor up by the intake. I had the same issue this last winter when I did a massive overhaul of the entire bike. I was getting power everywhere I needed it, relays were good, grounds were good, but the fuel pump wouldn’t prime and the bike wouldn’t start.

Again, that’s just something that sounds familiar to my incident that drove me nuts for a few days. After the fact I couldn’t believe I forgot all about that sensor.

Good luck

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