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apiazza 04-17-19 09:12

2011 D675 Down Shift Issue
I had the bike out at VIR the last couple days and was having issues shifting from 4th to 3rd. I had the issue once or twice last week at NCbike but i had attributed it mostly to new boots and just me being rusty.

Going into heavy breaking zones i would try to go from 5th or 6th to 3rd and it would usually go into 4th fine, but I would try clutching and shifting multiple times before it would actually shift. It got to the point that I would roll wide through the corner wide in a high gear and then would have shift down once the bike seemed to settle down. Through the pit it would go up and down gears with no issue. No problem going up gears and no point did it pop out of gear.

I adjusted clutch cable a few times, adjusted shift linkage to make sure all my angles were as good as possible and no binding in the rearsets. changed the oil back to Motul from Amsoil just to see if it helped. It seemed to run better the first couple laps while the transmission was cool but came back on the third or so lap.

I'm thinking shift fork?

cjc 04-17-19 10:04

I had similar symptoms on my 2011 on track.

Maybe not the source of your trouble, but FWIW:

apiazza 04-17-19 13:30

Ya know, now that you mention it, i don't recall if it may have been stuck in position. It's certainly a possibility which might also explain why after i accelerated with it in a higher gear a bit i could shift with no problem. that's a lot easier initial inspection compared to rebuilding a transmission with only 8k miles. I also changed the oil between day one and two and had no evidence of metal particles.

apiazza 04-17-19 14:38


Originally Posted by cjc (Post 1869627957)
I had similar symptoms on my 2011 on track.

Maybe not the source of your trouble, but FWIW:

What ended up being your issue? A clutch removal I can probably handle. A full trans rebuild is way above me.

Maybe @MacBandit will stop by to chime in. Would love to hear a bit more from him about the shift star.

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cjc 04-17-19 18:26

I replaced the shift star and the selector shaft. All has been well since.

I also added one of these, but I can't tell that it helps:

Also, I'm not in any way a mechanic and I was able to manage it myself.

MadMel 04-17-19 19:54

I used to occasionally get false neutrals on downshifts.... rolling through corners with no engine braking or throttle ain't much fun. A Sato shift spindle holder fixed it up. The issue is that the shift spindle sticks out unsupported pretty far from the transmission, and can bind a bit.

Edit: Just noticed that cjc also mentioned the Sato unit.

apiazza 04-18-19 09:15

I'm thinking i will attempt to tackle this level of work myself. I should have a friend available to help that has a lot more experience than I in this department. I have the full service manual, but i'm sure with the yoyodyne the process will be slightly different, but not by much.

Here's what i'm looking at ordering, probable more than i need, but I rather have extra:
clutch holding tool
detent arm
detent arm spring
detent wheel
gear change mechanism and arm
Sato gear change mechanism support
Clutch nut (replacement item according to manual)
clutch C washer (replacement item according to manual)

anything else? should i consider doing stiffer clutch springs? I've heard no real complaints on the factory stiffness and they work well with the slipper.

Far Canal 04-18-19 10:10

I'd consider getting a new clutch cover gasket.

apiazza 04-18-19 10:24


Originally Posted by Far Canal (Post 1869628051)
I'd consider getting a new clutch cover gasket.

Good point. Will do.

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MacBandit 04-18-19 20:36

Not that you need me to validate but I think youíre on the right track. Itís most likely a shift selector spring, worn selector fork, or weak detent wheel spring.

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