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Tyler Noreen 08-14-19 08:25

Mic check
Just seeing what everyone is up to

AYoDread 08-14-19 09:42

Lol! I have been letting the bike sit. Its been 110°F and higher here and we are melting!!

The few times I was riding I've been trying to wheelie, something that has been on my bucket list for years.

Ditch Doctor 08-14-19 09:44

I used to be on the forum daily, met one of my best friends on here
Like an awkward hey, we both ride the same bike, let's meet up, and now we talk every day and ride often
Or used too

The last two years of my life have been INSANE
Got married
Now have two children. 17 month and 3 month old

Truly blessed to be on the greatest adventure I have ever had.

Got an old 84 cb700 I am rebuilding with my brother to ride this fall.

Working my ass off

Helping to build communities around the world. Currently my brotherhood and mission network is building a hospital in the Philippines. My brother is from Bagio and his family is moving back to invest in a simpler life and provide medical care to their community. Pretty freaking amazing to see a team doing things the right way, and following Christ's example to love others.

Currently undertaking my biggest personal goals ever. Physical strength, professional development, learning french, and hopefully hitting the track 2 more times this year

Wow OP. Great idea to just talk it out. All this shit has been on my brain but I haven't really just put it all down.

Who's next??

cdenley 08-14-19 11:42

Well today is just work, then dinner for my girlfriend's birthday. But this is a busy week for me.

Last weekend, I was doing track days. On Saturday, I set a new personal best lap time at my home track. Then of course next session I crash. Got back out there Sunday, but nowhere close to that lap time. Having trust issues with my front tire.

Monday, I replaced all the crush washers on my brake lines in my endless quest to eliminate brake fade. I also ordered some Woodcraft parts (bar end slider, lever guard, footpeg). Of course Sidi is out of stock on the boot tensioner I need, so I ordered some wire rope instead.

Yesterday I dropped off my suit at a local repair shop to fix a seam, and fixed my boot with the wire rope. I also finished bleeding the brakes after having the lever ziptied overnight.

Tomorrow, I'll pick up my leathers, and maybe wash them if I have time. I need to get everything packed and loaded for the races this weekend. Friday I'll get setup at the track and do tech inspection if they're still open. Practice Saturday, races Sunday.

Then I leave for vacation Monday. I'll probably be packing that morning.

Plasmablaster 08-14-19 17:49

I had an amazing excursion with Hooligaz675 today. 350Kms, 250 of which were twisties. The forum brought us together.

On another note, I went along MacBandit's suggestion and got myself a wideband O2 sensor which I have been using to map the bike. The original map that I had created was indeed way off mostly at 3-7% throttle position (was very lean), and the new map I made is a great deal better. Also the wideband sensor confirmed that the little gadget I made that messes around with the IAT temperature sensor to manually adjust a/f ratio, does indeed work.

Life is great :)

Gzblack2 08-15-19 01:04

Mic check
After taking a job runnning jobs for a big company for the last 6-7 years, I started up my own business again 18 months ago and things are going great. But between that and the possibility of some team related travels I decided to sell my track bike over the winter as it seemed I wouldn’t be getting to the track this season.
Well things going as they are my wife says hey why don’t you take a day and go to the track?
Coincidentally NYST has sent an email about a three day weekend event the day before. So guess who’s taking the street triple to the track Friday?!?
That’s right,this guy. Excited to take the streety back to the track as it was the first bike I’ve ridden at the track.

Btw ditch doctor,my wife and I have 2 kids that are 13 months apart,they are 3 and 4 years old now. I can assure you it gets easier as they get older. Count your blessings and take lots of pics,they grow up fast.

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Ditch Doctor 08-16-19 13:41

Thanks @Gzblack2 I can't seem to take enough pictures or spend enough time with them.

Pumped up for everyone getting to ride this fall!! The streety at the track would be rowdy!!

Gzblack2 08-16-19 18:44

Started like this...
Then this happened after lunch...
Still had a great time, met some cool people and actually only missed one session. Although packing up was an adventure.

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Tyler Noreen 08-24-19 22:59

Has everyone seen the daytona 765?

Newbeme 08-25-19 19:07

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I have been spending some time over the past week rebuilding/reconditioning a 2009 Suzuki DR200SE for my son who recently got out of the Navy. He doesn't know about it yet, so when he comes down here from the mid-west, to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in October hopefully he will be surprised. :)

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