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needashave 08-04-20 09:07

Bluetooth OBD with TuneECU
Hi Guys,

I'm sure its been asked before but can't seem to find the answer I'm after with a quick search.

Recently picked up a 13 Daytona 675R with the arrow slip on and been told it has the arrow slip on map.

Looking to get a bluetooth OBD2 reader to use for diagnostics, I don't see myself changing the exhaust or the map, but I may want to disable the EXUP at a later date can that be done with any generic reader?
What's clear is I'd need an obdlink lx to change the map, whats not clear is if you can edit maps and disable the EXUP/SAI/O2 with a basic obd2.

Only asking because the compatible OBDLink LX/MX/MX+ are $150+ in Australia. Can I cheap out and buy basic ebay one or do I just need to bite the bullet?


MGFChapin 08-04-20 13:13

You need at least an LX to be able to edit the map.

AussieAdam 08-13-20 07:47

The Carista one works fine and it cost $39 from a supplier in Melbourne. I have it and have no issues.

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