2010 Triumph Street Triple R
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Vehicle Name
Year 2010
Make Triumph
Model Street Triple R
Color Orange
2010 Triumph Street Triple R
2010 Triumph Street Triple R 2010 Triumph Street Triple R
History Bought September 2015 after a strong bout of philosophical pondering on the meaning of life. It seemed to be related with the sound of a triple-cylinder motorcycle engine. In December it reminded me that I'm not as smart as I'd like to and caught me off-guard (sorry for the greek captions):


I've fixed it and ever since I've been taking it out in search for the eternal.
- Apex fully adjustable clip-ons. Really-really love these.
- Chinese adjustable footpegs. Good bang for the buck.
- Heavily dented Arrow courtesy of a highside. A good reminder.
- Funlove LED lights - probably the closest thing to the Death Star's beam weapon this side of two wheels motoring.
- Givi touring rails - keeping these on all year for convenience and some crash protection. I'm too old to only care for looks :)
- Front fender extender- I knew I needed this when on a wet road I saw water sprayed... upwards between the gauge cluster and the triple tree.
- Pillion footpeg extenders. The missus is happier.

- Got rid of O2 sensor
- Custom map with TuneECU - the above two were heavenly effective in making the bike enjoyable during calm or calm-ish rides.

- Racetech 0.95kg/mm front fork springs and Bel Ray 5w fork oil
- Custom designed rear link plates which reduce suspension travel rate thus softening both spring hardness and hydraulic damping rate.
- Honda CBR600 shock absorber with Bel-Ray HVI 3W oil

Overall, after an odyssey of trying and experimenting, I'm happy with this setup

Wheels and Tires
I love the Metzelers M7RR.

Creature Comforts
- Custom-carved saddle which allows more front-back movement. Loving it.

- Headlight switch - made TuneECUing so much easier.
- Volt meter - a necessary watchful eye on the bike's electric system
- Shindengen SH847 R/R - knowledge brought me here ;)
- DIY potentiometer device interjected in-between the IAT sensor and the ECU. Provides with real-time air/fuel enrichment adjustability.
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