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Conversation Between MadMel and NickSieczkowski
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  1. MadMel
    05-26-15 22:46
    Hmm... nope, that sounds suss. I just checked one of my sessions in RaceChrono, and it's a nice steady 10Hz.

    I'm taking the day off on Friday and going to QR, if you're there say hello (#71).
  2. NickSieczkowski
    05-21-15 06:49
    Yeah cheers. It was more about NMEA settings (RMC GGA). I used it or the weekend at QR and it was really good. But I have one quick question. I set it at 5 hz but when I checked the session summary it said the average hz rate was around 2. I'll try it at 10 hz next time out but I was wandering if that sounds like it's working correctly to you?
  3. MadMel
    05-18-15 04:46
    Shit, sorry mate, I didn't notice this until now. If what you are asking is about reducing the Hz of the GPS, I wouldn't worry about that, any modern phone can handle 10Hz. Back when I used TrackMaster, it was a few years ago and I had a slow phone.
  4. NickSieczkowski
    05-15-15 04:22
    Hey mate. I was reading your thread on track master. I've just got Race Chrono. I was wondering if I should still set up my 818XT like you did for track master. Cheers
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