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  1. MGFChapin
    06-30-17 14:27
    I have a 520 kit on my bike with stock gearing. We have two local tracks with pretty long straights - at the shorter track I don't hit the limiter in 6th but at the longer one I do. I thought about changing gearing but my shifting points are perfect for my pace (mid-pack expert racer), so I don't want to go +2 and have to be constantly shifting.

    It depends on your pace, but I agree with TJ; 15/48 would probably be a good compromise for mixing long and short tracks without being too revvy. If you're planning on riding mostly tighter tracks with short straights, yeah, a 49T is probably the way to go. What is your pace, by the way? You should get in contact with Kevin7909. Sounds like he's local to you and you both have a 3rd gen. If you both got 520 kits, you could get different rear sprockets to swap around and see what works best. When I was riding all the different tracks in California, I had a 47T and a 49T depending on where I was going.
  2. dogged
    06-30-17 13:51
    Hey Bud. Thanks for some of the advice you gave me earlier when getting my new 675R track ready. I recently ran one of our faster tracks and did not hit the limiter on the streight with the stock gearing. I want to drop it down a little to get some more drive midrange in the corners. TJ suggests to just a 15/48, which is just one up in the rear. My gut feel is it needs to be a 49 rear to even notice the difference and make the 520 conversion worth the money. What has been your experience with successful gearing and if you had to pick one to run all the time, what would be your first setup?
    Thanks in advance!
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