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: Members in Belize or Guatemala???

03-14-08, 19:39
My wife and I visit once a year and were wondering if anyone here lived in either country. Not so many bikes on the Belize side but Antigua had some beautiful bikes at the square on the weekends.
Forgive my shite camera skills: Transportation old and new...

03-15-08, 18:18
My mom owns a cooking school in Antigua:
Check it out next time you're around, tell her I sent you. My dad visits occasionally & always goes on a dirt ride or two. He sent me pictures of all the gorgeous bikes that gather around. Hard to believe all the sport bikes given the condition of most of the roads...and of course the crazy ass camiones.

03-16-08, 15:09
We must have passed that school at least twice daily! (The Irish Pub is right up the street.) next time we visit I'll set aside a day for classes. Her school is listed in all of the major travel guides and it was one of the options we thought about for our "off" days. You gotta rest at least one day after hiking up a volcano, not the best tour option for a Floridian that lives at 40 feet above sea level; cooking is more my speed.

03-16-08, 15:34
Good to know you've seen it in travel guides, it's only been open a year & she's been working hard to get the name out there. You should definitely drop by, her cooking is amazing. Every time I visit home I gain 10 lbs.