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: Engine not firing. No SPARK!

11-24-14, 22:05
Problem here is simple.
The engine cranks like MAD but no fire.
Things that I've checked:
1- Battery is good.
2- Stator/ CPS and R/R are less than 2 month old. connections are pristine no burning /melt anywhere.
3- sparkplugs. they are good, coils are good.
4- Starter relays is good.
5- All fuses good

Now... I tested the spark plugs for SPARK by using 2 different methods and i had NO SPARK.
1- Tested by grounding spark plug tip with engine frame. NO SPARK.
2- Tested Coil using the screwdriver method. NO SPARK.

So.... no spark? I read that R/R has nothing to do with Spark... is this true?

What should I be looking for now? CDI/ECU? I connected TUNECU works good and test show nothing. a bad ECU wouldnt even connect I think.

I Post this here in hopes of someone having a crazy thought that might illuminate my mind.


Far Canal
11-24-14, 22:11
The bike can run without the reg/rec.

I'd be doing some tests on the stator and CPS

11-25-14, 01:34
So the CPS(Crank Shaft Sensor) also known as the Ignition pick up coil is responsible for sending the signal for the spark to happen, no spark means it's faulty AGAIN! Please correct me if i am wrong I replaced it 2 months ago.

11-25-14, 21:33
No spark means ECU is fried.

Far Canal
11-25-14, 22:01
No spark means ECU is fried.
How did you come to that conclusion?

11-25-14, 22:09
Isn't the ECU responsible for sending the shock to the spark plugs?
ECU/CDI. No ignitor coil in our bikes. Right?
Im baffled TBH.....

CPS tells ECU when to send spark, then when the time is right the ECU/CDI (Capacitor discharge ignition) multiplies those 12v to one bijillion and goes straight to spark plugs?

Hey man thanks for the time you take to help others in here.

Far Canal
11-25-14, 22:25
You want to do some test with a multi meter or it's all just guessing. You could be right but you might also be buying parts unnecessarily.
There's a heap of good threads over in the electrical and repair/troubleshooting sections.

Here's a good starting point. https://www.triumph675.net/forum/showthread.php?t=35227


11-25-14, 23:14
Is your stator genuine triumph or aftermarket?

11-25-14, 23:30
Aftermarket ^

11-26-14, 00:33
CPS reading 195ohms
Stator reading 2.3ohms from all 3 wires.

11-26-14, 11:28
I'd say. It's probably the crank position sensor. It's hard to troubleshoot a cps entirely just by taking ohms readings. It does sound like the ohms are correct if I remember correctly however that doesn't mean that it's working properly. Do you have tune ecu or tune boy? If so plug it in and while cranking also observe your injector pulses. They won't fire without the crank position sensor either.

Far Canal
11-26-14, 12:26
Stator... http://www.caltric.com/triumph-daytona-675-2006-stator.html

Reg/rec... http://roadstercycle.com/