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administrator 01-03-13 17:27

2013 Triumph Daytona 675R Review

I'm throwing journalistic objectivity aside for a moment to say I love the Triumph Daytona 675. It's a sentiment my fellow cohorts share as well. What's not to love about its intoxicating engine and nimble handling? Throw into the mix the up-spec R model with its Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and quickshifter and we can't stop waxing poetic about it.

So when we learned the 2013 Triumph Daytona 675 and 675R would be all-new motorcycles, finally getting a substantial revamp since its 2006 introduction and 2009 update, we wondered how the boys in Hinckley would one-up themselves. Answer: more power!

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Cloud22116 01-03-13 20:02

Love when even the admin are biased towards your bike :)

Mr.Anderson0350 01-03-13 21:33

I like the new model more every time I see it.

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!!675R!! 01-04-13 08:24

I love how the new cockpit carbon fiber pieces wrap around and cover the headlight bowls....Now to find some and see if they fit lol

Polystigma 01-04-13 15:23

Very sexy bike. Loving the low exhaust.

jtirwin27 01-04-13 16:18

love the new design. Especially the new low exhaust

kvillebuckeye 01-04-13 17:18

Glad they left a little of the frame exposed and overall i like it. Still think the undertail exhaust is a cleaner look but we'll see what the aftermarket comes up with! And let's be honest... they should include a fender eliminator with every 2013 haha that thing is ridiculous!

EuanM 01-04-13 18:52

I came close to trading my current 2012 675R in for it, then came to my senses. They've leaned a bit more to the 'Japanese' style of bikes. I looked at it and initially thought it looked like a Fireblade. Still going to the UK launch to see if I can get a demo ride but I doubt i'll trade mine in. If anything, i'll buy a model that's a year old and use my current '12R as a track bike.

GreyTuono 01-06-13 08:34

I love the new Triumph R6...

2001A6 01-06-13 11:55


Originally Posted by GreyTuono (Post 899584)
I love the new Triumph R6...


I thought it looked more like a ZX6 haha.

But seriously, I really don't care for the overall look of the new bike. The tail looks cool, and I love the wheels, but it looks too japanese main stream for me. If I could have the updated engine and wheels in my old bike, that would be perfect lol.

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