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grundspeed 12-16-12 07:25

ebay seller "Motopro83"
Hi there,
does anybody know about the ebay seller "motopro83"?
In the past he sold a lot of higher priced oem triumph parts.
I also won an auction, payd the item, but never recived it or even a tracking number...
Best regards,

TwoWheeledWonder 12-16-12 07:28

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report to ebay then.

Jasoncor 12-16-12 18:48


Originally Posted by TwoWheeledWonder (Post 895428)
report to ebay then.

What he said. I hope you payed through paypal.

MadMel 12-16-12 19:15

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I had the same problem with a seller once. If you paid through PayPal, you can start a dispute. They will try to get the goods or money from him; if they can't, they'll refund you. For me, it was pretty simple to do, and after about a month they refunded my money.

xvflutop 01-04-13 11:30

Make sure you file your claim quickly. Happened to me once and you only have 30 days to file with paypal. I learned that one the hard way as the seller never went out of contact but constantly claimed he sent the item but never forwarded me a tracking number. Worked out in the end as I received the item about 6 months later.

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