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Knolly 11-12-12 15:30

KTM Duke 390


Yes please.

This looks like an awesome street bike if it's priced right.

noclue90 11-12-12 16:01

Nice for sure. Good find.

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nixthewiz 11-12-12 22:22

Looks good. But still don't know if it will come to the US or not.

ckai 11-12-12 23:11

Apparently, they're coming to NZ in April and selling for $10,000 (you guys can do the math). The Duke 200 sells for $8k over here.

The wife and I are really holding out for it to be honest. My mum (close to 60 years old) just brought the Duke 200 after we rode it and loved it - and made her haha.

We were told by the dealer that the 390 is just the 390 engine in the 200 chassis. If that is the case, it'll be bloody fun to ride.

Cool little bikes.

Aviator 11-13-12 07:50

Thats pretty expensive for what it is.

Let's just hope (and sorry to do this to you guys in Aus) that as usual you get an inexplicable massive mark up and our price will be down a bit. :biggrinjester:

terenzwalker 05-30-13 14:09

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