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: How to change spark plug?

08-26-12, 15:03

was looking through the stickies to see if there were any pic-by-pic action of how to change the spark plugs on a Daytona 675, but with no luck.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

08-26-12, 15:07
It's pretty easy...

Remove the tank

Unhook connection to stick coils

Pull stick coils out (no tools needed)

Now you have access to remove spark plugs

Use spark plug remover socket

08-26-12, 15:31
I see, but where and what are the stick coils? Do I need to remove the air filter?

08-26-12, 16:29
yes, you will need to remove the airbox

08-26-12, 18:01
Here I started to make a how to, and then stopped because I really didnt care, but here are some pictures.

After taking the tank and air box off, you will see those plugs, they are a ***** to pull out, but they come out. Then just screw the plugs out. And for torque specs just do a search on here and there is a thread with all the torque specs for our bikes.

Also a good time to clean up around there, it gets dirty, so I cleaned it all off when I got my plugs changed out.