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: Stevo's got his graphite. Stevo is very happy.

05-26-06, 04:12
Hi guys, picked up my graphite yesterday 11am. I'v already done 122 miles. Well what a bike, 5000rpm is very hard to stick to cos this thing just wants to rev. Also the exhaust note is infectious. I'v scrubbed the tyres nicely now so I want to go play but its raining. My only complaint about the bike is that the chain seems to be made of rubber. 122 miles and it needs serious tensioning.[/url]

05-26-06, 04:14
Nice one mate. Had mine 2 weeks now, 600 on the clock and she is great :)


05-26-06, 05:02
Hi Stevo,

Congrats on the new bike, my graphite came in March and I am loving it.

Much like yours though the chain is shite, I have adjusted mine countless times and now almost out of adjustment with only 800 miles on the bike.

Apart from that the bike rocks.


05-26-06, 05:36
My first service is next thursday so i'm gonna get them to fit a decent chain (with a huge discount of course) I'm not going to keep adjusting it.
By the way I used to work in Callington (small engineering place near the Ginsters factory, lodged in Kelly Bray) Originally from Bodmin (nice)!!!

05-26-06, 05:44
Small world,

Most people outside of the Westcountry do not know of Callington.

However most people know of Ginsters!

Let me know what chain you put on and how you get on with it.

I don't feel like spending money on a chain having just bought a new bike, I've had a number of new bikes and never had to buy a replacement chain before.

I think by the time I hit a 1000 miles there will no adjustment left, I will then take it up with the dealership.

05-26-06, 05:46
Congrats on the bike, nice colour, read a few posts regarding chain. I have 1200 miles on the clock, have only adjusted once. Not sure what's going on here if yours has expired already. Would really kick off about that if it were me as it would indicate that it's not fit for purpose. Contact Triumph direct to see what they say.



05-26-06, 06:18
congratulations good choice of colour :lol:

05-26-06, 12:30
Congrats Stevo. As you know I picked mine up the day before and it is the mutt's nuts. I've done about 130 miles on mine. See what you mean about the chain.

Bryan said you bought the gel seat. Wouldn't mind meeting up some time to see what it's like. My rear was certainly complaining yesterday when I got off.

05-26-06, 14:37
I'm about tommorow night going down to Sittingbourne to watch a mate play in his band if you wanna meet up gis a shout