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: pull the clutch...release gas and the engine turn off

09-13-07, 10:07
I've had my bike for about six month now and still not be able to solve this problem.Everytime i pulled the clutch and then released the gas the engine turned of automaticcaly.I'd be very thankful if somebody could help me out...

09-13-07, 10:24
to be clear, do you mean that if you're riding and go to change gears, pull in the clutch and then cut the throttle completely, that the motor dies? does this happen while moving, or only when stopped? what has your dealer suggested?


09-13-07, 10:34
it happens only while driving,when i wanted to change gears ( or even only pull in the clutch then cut the throttle completely).When sopping or start the engine for the first time it runs normally.
A friend bought this bike from France and brought it to Vietnam for me that's why i'm not able to contact to any dealer near me

09-13-07, 13:32
What's funny is this same thing happened to me 2 days ago. I was leaving work for lunch like usual, and as I was leaving the parking lot I pulled the clutch in to slow down and brake then almost immediately after pulling in the clutch the engine turned off. All of the electronics were still working and my oil level is perfect. Then, only a minute after, I was going to turn left into 7-11 and it did the same thing. It seems like it only happens when I'm coming to a stop in first gear. But the good thing is it hasn't happened since. Weird. :confused

09-13-07, 14:09
Just a thought. Make sure your foot is not pushing slightly on the kickstand. It has a switch to prevent you from taking off with it down so it is only live when you are in gear.

09-13-07, 14:18
mine does the same thing but again and again!All of the electronics were still working and my oil level is perfect like turning on the key but not turning on the engine

09-13-07, 14:23
Does it idle with no problems? If you blip the throttle in Neutral does it try to die??

09-13-07, 14:24
if my foot pushed on the kickstand so i wasn't able to start the engine again.The Problem is that it happend EVERY TIME i just pulled in the clutch and cut the throttle

09-13-07, 14:32
usually if I turned on the engine (N) it worked normally but when I blip the throttle in Neutral without even pulling in the clutch the engine died either....HELPPPPPP!!!!!

09-13-07, 14:38
You could have a vaccuum line pinched possibly.

Done any mods that required removing the tank, or removed the tank for anything?

09-13-07, 14:42
Maybe if you post a video of what's happening.. we could help. With no one aroudn you, a dealer or someone that knows this bike.. it'd be hard to tell.

Show all/everything that's goign wrong in the video and the motley crew here can definitely point to what's goin on.

09-13-07, 15:00
WHILE IDLE : turn on the key--->turn on the engine(N)----->engine runs normally--->hit the throttle--->engine dies

WHILE MOVING : moving in any gears---->pull in the clutch--->release the throttle--->engine dies

09-13-07, 15:08
Guys, do you think it could it be a mapping problem ?
For instance that the previous owner was using another mapping for an aftermarket exhaust or even tuned his bike for racing purposes and did not revert to the standard mapping when remounting the standard exhaust to sell the bike ?

09-13-07, 15:19
when I had this bike few months ago it had only 100miles on it but the problem occured just after i jumped on the bike for the first time
Hit the throttle then released---->engine died

09-13-07, 15:44
The fact that it started after a jump start worries me a bit more.

Did you trickle charge it? Jump from a car/bike/lawnmower?? Why did you need the jump? Have you charged your battery since then?

09-13-07, 16:07
Maybe this was why the bike was sold?

Is it still under warranty? You should be able to at least talk to triumph about the issue..?

So to be clear: you can start it ok.. You can rev it ok?
You can change into first gear ok or is that when it stalls?

Can you make the bike move at all under its own power?

You do have the stand up when you go to put it in gear.. i know none of the bikes I saw/rode in vietnam had cut off switches so it might be a new concept..

I'd check to see if the sidestand switch is maybe jammed on (or off).

09-13-07, 16:12
If it was the switch it wouldn't even start. It's possible that he killed it by kicking the stand inadvertantly, but not very likely that it happens everytime. If blipping the throttle causes the bike to die then it's a vacuum issue. If it's starting then dieing if he doesn't give it "enough" gas then it's either the battery or charging system.

At least those are my two thoughts....I figure .01 a piece.... for my .02...

I didn't think about the bike being in nuetral, in which case it would start, but as soon as it went into gear it would die. Could be a bad stand switch if it's not going into gear at all.... (I'm a bit slow sometimes... :roll: )

However, with what I'm getting out of the description I still say charging system or battery, just b/c it didn't start until after he jumped it.

09-13-07, 16:14
I don't think KiekKit is saying he did jump start the bike.

09-13-07, 16:17
Doh!! "Jumped ON the bike"... Damn two letter words... :roll: :oops:

so back to the vacuum then.

09-13-07, 17:06
I've never charged the mattery before and the bike worked perfectly since I had it except this problem

09-13-07, 17:22
I'm sorry about the two words "jumped in" because of my limit English ability.Actually had this problem since I got on my bike for the first time.I have to mention that it worked perfectly in all gears and at any speed but once I pulled in the clutch and cut the throttle the engine turned off but immediately i was able to turn on the engine again even at 150mph

09-13-07, 17:43
When I turn on the engine in Neutral it works normally but when I accelerate a bit then release( without pulling the clutch ) it dies.But while driving only when I pull in the clutch and release the throttle it dies

09-13-07, 17:48
It's got to be some sort of vacuum problem. It sounds exactly like what some of the guys had happen when the pinched a vacuum line.

09-13-07, 17:51
You can do 150mph in Vietnam?

I am no expert, but sounds like an electronics issue given the way it started happening. There should be no reason why you cannot email Triumph, and at least see what they say. In fact, isn't there a Triumph factory in Vietnam?

No idea how much a replacement ECU is, or how easy it is to change but it might be something to consider.

09-13-07, 18:15
Yes we can do 150mph in Vietnam and even faster than that!Don't you see my daughter in the picture?She is 32months old and is already able to know how to get started the bike and how to seat like a proffensional racer :D :D :D

I would be very thankful if somebody could help me out with this problem,as here in Vietnam no one has the ability to solve it,most of the mechanic here are only able to repair scooters and no knowledge about super sport bike
What do I have to do folks?

09-13-07, 19:39
Curious: Do you (meaning YOU, not the rest of us) have to pull in the clutch to start the bike?

Guys, do you think it could it be a mapping problem ?
For instance that the previous owner was using another mapping for an aftermarket exhaust or even tuned his bike for racing purposes and did not revert to the standard mapping when remounting the standard exhaust to sell the bike ?

That's what I'm leaning towards. He's not saying ~HOW~ it dies, really. If it is a trail-off (of sorts, no matter how quickly) then I would lean towards fuel/air. But if it dies IMMEDIATELY... then my guess is electrical, which I would look towards the safety mechanisms as "low hanging fruit". Either way... I would probably have taken it to an authorized Triumph repair shop for a remap.

09-13-07, 19:56
Sorry but my bullshit detector just went off. First thing i would do is check the IP address and see if it really comes from Vietnam.

09-13-07, 20:09
Same thing was happening to my friend's graphite. He had to take it to Triumph for them to remap it, after that everything was fine.

- TT

09-15-07, 16:11
in fact it doesn't matter whether the bike is idle or in motion,once I turn on the engine then accelerate just a bit ( still in Neutral) it seems to be fine,but once I accelerate up to about 8k then release it dies( sometimes I have to make it up to 10k to make it die).It doesn't follow any rule.

- when he engine is working while in NEUTRAL,whithout accelerating,then whether you pull in or pull out the clutch it doesn't make any difference,it doesn't effect anything to the sound of the engine(like a normal bike),the point is only when you hit the throttle then release conpletely,it dies(whether the clutch is pull in or out)

- WHILE MOVING the engine dies only when the clutch is pulled in conpletely (sometimes even without hitting the throttle then release,just to pull in the clutch with the throttle cutted)
Normally following to the rule (like in Neutral)it should have died even WITHOUT pull in the clutch once I accelerate then cut off,but as the bike is in motion that's why it does not die because it's still generate the power when the clutch is out ( it's like once your battery is over and you have to push to make it run)

09-15-07, 17:32
the way it dies when release the throttle completely is like it fall down from 8k (if it's from 8k or whatever ) to more then 1k,then fall down once again less than 1k and die.Seems like it doesn't have enough power to keep it in more than 1k

09-15-07, 17:46
Why don't you just take it in to a shop to have it looked at????

09-15-07, 18:15
How about "Switch, Fall Detection"

09-16-07, 04:58
Same thing is happening to my bike. I've had it for 6 months with 6500 miles but it only started happening for the last 5 weeks. When I would accelarate in second gear and go to a stop, I'd pull in the clutch, close the throttle and pull in the front brake, sometimes the engine dies. It's especially embarassing when there's people around :( .

I had it remapped, loosened the throtle cable and increased the idle speed a little. Since I've had this done 3 days ago it had only happened once versus 3 to 4 times a day. It's an improvement but I don't feel like it is completely fixed.